Discontentment – Why Can’t We Be Content With What We Have?

Discontented LadyI have heard it said that it is part of the human condition to not be content. And while I may not agree I can’t help and notice the tendency. I mean how many people feel like there is something missing from there life? All you have to do is turn on the television or open a magazine to be reminded that you are not thin enough or that your car isn’t cool enough or that your sex life isn’t hitting the mark.

I mean, you name it and Madison Avenue is marketing it in such a way that you can’t help but feel discontent. After all, why else would you buy yet another pair of designer duds with so many sitting in the closet?

Oh, and if you are single, how many of you think that being part of a couple will satisfy you, so you put yourself out there and POOF, you find a partner only to wish you were single again.

Despite the fact that we may have everything we need we still walk through life feeling unsatisfied and discontent.

Why? Maybe because we need to go deeper. Maybe we need to get in touch with what our soul is asking for, not our egos. Maybe we’ve got some work to do.

What I know is that as I am maturing and I’m learning to embrace my feelings of discontentment or “dukkha” as the Buddhists call it. Whenever that unsatisfied or restless feeling washes over me, I get sort of juiced up with the knowing that this usually means that a breakthrough is coming…that things are going to change. Instead of focusing on the unhappy feeling of lack, I get in touch with the root cause of my feeling and ask myself key questions to gain clarity and insight.

· What needs are being or not being met through my feeling of discontentment?

· Why am I placing value on these needs? What am I gaining?
· Where am I feeling it the most? Does it live in my head or in my resistance heart?
· How can it serve me?

I would guess that all of us experience times of discontentment. And while these times can be challenging we should view them as opportunities in disquise. Discontentment can be exciting because it keeps us moving. Moving hopefully forward and towards a better understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

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